Welcome to Steele Research Ltd

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Welcome to my website… despite having a ‘online presence’ for the best part of the last decade, I’ve continually put off developing and maintaining my own website.

So what can you expect from this site?

For starters, it will act as a central hub linking towards all of my other online platforms and ways of being contacted (email, twitter, researchgate, open science framework, google scholar, github, linkedin etc.).

Further, it will be a place to share not only my work published via other mediums (e.g., pre-prints, peer reviewed publications, talks, podcasts etc.), but it will serve as a medium for me to publish other content through blog posts.

Finally, in the past year I’ve actually setup Steele Research as a limited company and am actively providing consultancy to both individuals and companies interested in enhancing their ability to specify and answer key research questions relating to their areas and industries. It is through this website that people will be able to contact me for inquiries about consultancy and arrange initial meetings to discuss needs and provide indications of cost.

Over time I will be slowly adding more content to this site, so bear with me in the meantime… there will be some good stuff coming.

James Steele
James Steele
Associate Professor of Sport and Exercise Science

James is Associate Professor of Sport and Exercise Science at Solent University, and Director of Steele Research Ltd. He has extensive research and consultancy experience in physical activity, exercise, and sport; working with elite athletes across a range of sports, the general population across the lifespan, and both those who are healthy and living with disease. His experiences are varied and interdisciplinary with a focus on problem solving across domains; as such he has expertise in a wide range of research methodologies, study designs, and both quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method approaches to data analysis and synthesis. James has led across numerous large research projects both within academia and the public and private sectors, published and provided invited talks across a range of areas relating to physical activity, exercise, and sport, served on a number of national expert panels and working groups, is an editor and reviewer for several journals, and has been involved in the founding of several societies within the field.